A Different Kind of Consulting Firm….

A Focus on Governance


Institutional investment committees are entrusted with making important investment decisions that impact the financial well being of others. Those individuals relying on these decisions can include defined benefit plan members, defined contribution members, donors to charities and beneficiaries to the trust. Under law, courts and regulators have outlined expectations for those acting in a similar fiduciary capacity, which include:

  • Acting prudence with the appropriate expertise
  • Acting in the best interests of your beneficiaries
  • Acting honesty
  • Acting in an even-handed manner
  • Avoid conflict of interest - real and perceived
  • Act without profit

Our service offering and approach has been designed to ensure and document that investment committees are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. But most importantly, we start with a well-defined governance framework that ensures a common understanding of roles and responsibilities, key objectives and activities and documents all decisions made. Our holist approach helps to improve the quality of decision-making and helps demonstrate and document that you have considered all key inputs and made a reasonable and prudent decision. 

Holistic Approach


At Elegant IS our objective is to partner with investment committees to help them make more informed decisions that will improve the operation and investment performance of their programs.

Our consultants apply their broad expertise and educational background to provide our clients with holistic solutions that consider all aspects of your program, including investment, administration, vendor negotiation, compliance and documentation.

Our Promise to You

On Time

 We will meet our agreed- upon deadlines. In the event of scope change, we will notify you immediately and revise any required timelines. 

On Budget

 We are pleased to provide fix fee quotes on most projects and deliverables. We will stick to our estimates. 


Our clients are extremely important to us. We strive to respond to all emails and phone inquiries within 24 hours (although in most cases, we will exceed this standard). 

Plain English

 Investments can be a complex topic, full of jargon. We strive to cut through the complexity and communicate in plain English, to ensure that analysis is accessible to all  members of your investment committee.